Need a hand to help figure out if I'm the right practitioner or this is the right space for you?

Chat with Me
Free 15 minute phone or in person call

Need a place to ask questions or get advice about your injury, ache, or pain? Unsure of if what you're experiencing is even something that's treatable? Curious about what Athletic Therapy is? Interested to know what a treatment focused Massage Therapy appointment looks like?


We all have questions! Navigating these spaces and what type of care suits you best isn't intuitive. If you aren't ready to book an appointment and need some more information or a space to ask questions this is the option for you!

Try it Out
Free 30 minute "starter" session

I get it, investing in an appointment can feel like a lot if you're on the fence or unsure if it's the right care option! This is a FREE in person session to have a more in depth conversation about what I offer, how I can help, and to discuss overall possibilities for a treatment plan. 


This is a great way to try my services FREE of charge in order to know if it's the right fit for you. 


This appointment is not a complete assessment and does not replace having an initial assessment.


Athletic Therapy

What you want if you're experiencing new or nagging pain and discomfort! An appointment will involve a thorough review of health history, an in depth assessment, and use of various techniques to address your primary complaint. 


Techniques used to address your primary complaint can include hands on soft tissue work, stretching, joint mobilizations, and thoughtfully selected exercises or movements.

Massage Therapy

This is an active treatment focused appointment, focused on finding root causes or new or nagging pain and discomfort. 

All sessions include an assessment, manual hands on treatment, rehabilitative and corrective movement, reassessment, and a comprehensive treatment plan.


Please come expecting to be up and moving periodically during the session.

Stretching & Mobility

Sometimes we just need a stretch! This appointment has a brief assessment and does not use hands on soft tissue techniques. It's focused on building a stretching plan specifically for you, or taking you through one to focus on what it is that you need!


These plans can focus on one area, like just the upper or lower body, or encompass the entire body. When building one just for you we would review it together to ensure you can feel each stretch where it's needed and there is no pinching or pain.

Have A Question?

Let's chat about your questions! You might have questions about my treatment style, if I can help you with what you're experiencing, which service is most appropriate for you, and more!